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Mansons TCLM recognises the pivotal role in the business of the third generation of Mansons. The TCLM stands for Ted and his sons Culum, Luke and Mac. Ted started the family business with his father Colin in the mid-1970s. Together they grew the business and weathered the economic downturn of the late 1980s and early 1990s.

That experience helped shape the approach to business that forms Mansons TCLM business ethos – a “hands-on” approach to business dealings and financial independence. Mansons TCLM is both a developer and building contractor for most of its projects, and funding is from the Manson family’s resources.


Listening is a crucial ability Mansons TCLM brings to its projects. When it seeks tenants for its developments, it listens to clients’ needs. The Lumley Centre in Shortland Street Auckland is a prime example of that concept and earned published praise by anchor tenants.

Green Star

Mansons TCLM’s projects are designed to meet the international Green Star Rating. The family firm embraces the green buildings concept and the need for New Zealanders to work and live in healthy, efficient, productive and environmentally sustainable buildings.


Mansons TCLM manages the entire development operation – acquisition of the site, planning and local authority approvals, building and construction, lease negotiation, contract and lease documentation, property marketing and management.


With innovative buildings come innovative tenants. Mansons are proud to be associated with such clients. For over 40 years, these relationships have continued with new developments built on quality, performance, reputation and trust.

The three-generation Mansons TCLM family business is New Zealand’s largest private developer. The business has used an audacious and winning formula of developing huge Auckland CBD commercial premises, sometimes spanning an entire block, with little or no tenant pre-commitment, leasing, then selling part-way through construction.
By Anne Gibson / Property Editor, NZ Herald
Green Star

Mansons TCLM has been the development community’s trailblazer for New Zealand Green Buildings and has built more certified green star buildings than any other developer in New Zealand.

“The negative environmental impacts of New Zealand’s built environment are immense. Globally, 40% of all energy and material resources are used to build and operate buildings, 40% of greenhouse gas emissions come from construction and operation, and 40% of total waste results from construction and demolition activities (UNEP, 2007). Added to this are additional impacts on land, water, and air quality, as well as human health.” (Ministry for the Environment (NZ) Research document – “Rethinking our built environments: towards a sustainable future”, October 2009)

The negative environmental impacts created from not building green.

Energy and material resources
Greenhouse gas emissions
Total waste

Given the immense impact of buildings on the environment, Mansons TCLM’s massive commitment to Green Buildings has provided a substantial contribution to New Zealand’s environment by way of reduction in waste, greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption caused by traditional building methods.

Mansons has developed and constructed more Green Buildings than any other company in New Zealand. This represents a total of 24 commercial buildings comprising over 370,000m² of gross floor area completed or currently under construction by Mansons with Green Star certification. 
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Mansons built the first two buildings in Auckland to be certified by the New Zealand Green Building Council (completed June 2008), and had designed and commenced construction of its first Green Building before the New Zealand Green Building Council certification system was even operative (using the Australian rating system in lieu).

Since then, every building Mansons has developed has achieved a 4 or 5 Star Greenstar Certified Rating, plus more recently, Mansons new Head Office, 155 Fanshawe St and 136 Fanshawe St, all 3 with a 6 Green Star Rating.

In addition to the many environmental benefits, Green Buildings also provide significant improvement to occupant comfort, leading to improved occupant health and well-being and well-documented improvements to efficiency and productivity of the businesses operating from the Green Buildings.


Mansons has developed and constructed more Green Buildings than any other company in New Zealand.


Mansons have built 24 commercial buildings comprising over 370,000m² of gross floor area.


Mansons with Ted Manson Foundation has completed 257 apartments with 6 star Homestar ratings.


Mansons built the first two buildings in Auckland to be certified by the New Zealand Green Building Council.


Since 2008 every building Mansons has developed as been either a 4, 5 or 6 Green Star certified building.


Mansons buildings provide  improvement to occupant comfort, leading to improved  health and well-being.

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